Aim high. Time to create an online presence worthy of your business.

To your clients, your online presence is your business. And they are yearning for you—or any company—to deliver them an excellent experience. Many of them do not realize that yet.

So if you were offered the opportunity to create a standout presence that defies ho-hum industry trends and does something truly unique, intuitive and successful, would you seize that chance?

As an expert in technology and human psychology, with insight to share from two decades' experience in the field, I'm offering that chance.

Why a User Experience Consultant

(Or, “But I already have someone who…”)

There are website (and app) designers. There are website developers. There are consultants for website strategy, and consultants for website sales and marketing.

I span all of these skillsets. I can quickly identify where your websites and apps need to go, and how to get there. I can speak to your tech team in their language, give them the blueprints and details they need to succeed, and translate their questions back to you.

A joyful, seamless, intuitive online experience is still a rarity that generates intense interest and excitement for users—in turn translating to improved customer satisfaction and increased profit. I can help you achieve this.

Common Scenarios Where I Can Help

You know something is wrong with your website or app, but either can’t put it into words, or can’t agree internally on what to change.
You are ready to use your online presence to elevate your business above the rest, and want someone experienced who bridges websites to business KPIs and shows you where the opportunity lies.
Your agency’s proposed work for your website or app seems overly complicated and expensive, and you want an expert to cut to the chase and advise you on what’s really necessary.

Example Services

User Experience Review

An expert assessment of your website or app.

Delivers a detailed report with practical recommendations on how to address issues and improve the user experience.

Perfect for: identifying short-term improvements, getting a fresh, external perspective, and establishing a new strategy.


Blueprints for improving your website or app.

Delivers wireframes and specifications (page layouts and descriptions of how they work) for designers and developers to implement.

Perfect for: when you know what you want to deliver, and wish to deliver it in the best way possible.


Assistance in arriving at a concensus.

Delivers workshop facilitation, optionally preceded by one-on-one interviews, to arrive at an agreed way forwards for improving your website or app.

Perfect for: when there are “too many cooks” in the online kitchen, and you need an expert to cut through the misinformation and internal politics.

Breakthrough Workshop

Inspiration for the step change.

Delivers a collaborative one-day workshop where we focus on your website or app’s core offerings, and I present the opportunities for user experience excellence that no one in your industry has considered.

Perfect for: companies looking to leapfrog the competition and stand out as leaders.

Alex Metcalf, MEng MSc

I’ve been a user experience consultant for 13 years, advising everyone from individuals to multinationals and Prime Ministers’ offices.

Previously an award-winning engineer and software developer, I have two Masters degrees in Computer Engineering and Computer Psychology. I’ve led large-scale website research projects, developed website training courses, and conducted hundreds of psychology-based website testing sessions.

I know online—and online experiences—inside and out.