Alex Metcalf
Strategic User Experience (UX) Consultant

Bringing it all together online.

Bringing it all together online.

Most markets are primed for a digital revolution.

I design and specify transformational user experiences that change how business is done—that open your eyes to the extraordinary potential of seamless, joyful digital interactions. (You'll enjoy extraordinary revenue returns and customer satisfaction gains in the process.)

Are you ready to establish new norms of online excellence in your industry?

Alex Metcalf, Strategic User Experience (UX) Consultant

Alex Metcalf
Strategic User Experience (UX) Consultant

From Prime Ministers' Offices to multinationals such as Liberty Global, the world's largest international TV and broadband company, Alex leads aspirational clients towards online excellence.

With two Masters degrees in computing and psychology, and 20 years' consulting experience, he quickly identifies digital interactions and experiences ripe for revolution, and directs clients in taking advantage.

Previously Alex was an award-winning software developer and website pioneer, and an award-winning sales engineer at Sun Microsystems.

Alex works worldwide from his family home in the mountains of BC, Canada.

Alex Metcalf clients: London Business School, BBC, Virgin Holidays, Sky, Liberty Global, NHS, British Gas

"Highly rated and very personable UX expert."
- Alun David, Project and Programme Manager

"He has that rare combination of strong technical skills and knowledge, while being an excellent communicator."
- Maria Archer Taylor, Director and Communications Manager

[email protected]
+1-250-882-4392 (Pacific)