There is a wide open playing field.

An online playing field, way above the competition—we're talking stratospheric.

Wide open because no one else is taking advantage of evident trends that are years ahead of mainstream adoption.

And I’ll take you there.

There is mind-blowing online opportunity in every market. Real estate, utilities, retail, you name it. All being overlooked by even the biggest players.

First, the basics of what you offer can be presented so beautifully, so simply, so seamlessly, that people will be stunned. You just need the right perspective and focus.

And emerging trends can be spotted years ahead of mainstream acceptance, once you know what to look for. Armed with that knowledge, you can capitalize instantly.

My clients get that insight and direction, the fuel for great achievements. So they can redefine what it means to have a truly excellent online experience, with all the financial benefits it delivers.

I love taking my clients to the wide open playing field.

About Alex

Alex Metcalf

Alex has 15 years' experience as a pure User Experience (UX) Consultant, and ten years previous to that as an award-winning software developer, website pioneer, and award-winning technology sales consultant.

Two Masters degrees, in Computer Systems Engineering and Human Communication & Computing, are the educational foundation for his lifelong curiosity and creativity with technology.

Prime Ministers' Offices to multinationals have benefitted from his first-hand experience of thousands of website tests, reviews and research projects. An accomplished trainer, workshop facilitator, and presenter, he has a natural eye for design, and can translate tech for anyone to understand.

While assisting clients worldwide, Alex lives in Nelson, BC, Canada with his beautiful wife and three incredible kids.

"Highly rated and very personable UX expert"

- Alun David, Independent Project and Programme Manager

"Wise, down to earth, creative, practical, personable, and great fun to work with"

- Frances Campbell, Consultant & Information Architect

"That rare combination of strong technical skills and knowledge, while being an excellent communicator"

- Maria Archer Taylor, Online Team Manager