Ready to revolutionize your online experience?

By using psychology and technology insight refined over 15 years of consulting, and driven by a passion for excellent experiences, I lead my clients in delivering websites and apps that are intuitive, seamless, and joyful to use—with all the financial benefits that follow.

What inspires me the most? Collaborating with a client that's ready to think beyond tired, conventional norms in order to do something revolutionary. Opportunity is everywhere, and most markets are yearning for someone to reset the bar of what’s possible.

Essentially a one-man digital agency, I listen carefully to your needs, address misconceptions, get stakeholders on board, and inspire your teams with direction and guidance—both tactical and strategic&mbdash;towards online excellence.

With two Masters degrees in psychology and computing, and extensive client experience from multinationals down, I'm privileged to work with the best, and always love to hear from like-minded people.

If you're ready to make waves, please get in touch.

  • User experience (UX) consulting
  • Online strategy
  • Technology trend briefings
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Interactive prototypes
  • Information architecture
  • Training and education
  • Project management
  • Game design and development
  • Inspirational workshops

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About Alex

Alex has 15 years' experience as a pure User Experience (UX) Consultant, and ten years previous to that as an award-winning software developer and award-winning pre-sales consultant.

Two Masters degrees, in Computer Systems Engineering and Human Communication & Computing, exemplify a lifetime of technology curiosity and creativity.

He has provided strategic research and consulting for clients from Prime Ministers' Offices to multinationals, and delivered user experience training sessions and workshops to representatives from hundreds of clients.

With a love for clear, concise communication, he has a natural eye for design, and is comfortable speaking with directors and technology teams alike.

Alex lives in Nelson, BC, Canada with his beautiful wife, three incredible and energetic kids, a collection of dogs, and a chatty cat.

Have a look at a sample of my thinking: a short review of a real estate website (May 2016).

User Experience Review Sample (PDF)

"In my book Alex is a highly rated and very personable UX expert that I would be more than happy to have on my team on any relevant project."

- Alun David, Independent Project and Programme Manager

"Alex is wise, down to earth, creative, practical, personable, and great fun to work with on web projects. He tends to have his eye on both the bigger picture and the finer detail of a project, which results in thorough insight, understanding, and great work outcomes."

- Frances Campbell, Senior Information Architect

"Alex has that rare—and much sought after—combination of having strong technical skills and knowledge (he really does know his stuff when it comes to web usability) while being an excellent communicator."

- Maria Archer Taylor, Online Team Manager