Alex Metcalf, User Experience Consultant

Master the basics,
deliver an

Most modern website experiences overcomplicate the basics. By returning to the core of your offering and presenting it in the simplest, cleanest way possible, you enjoy customer satisfaction ratings and sales improvements unheard of by modern standards.

As a User Experience Consultant of 15 years, I pride myself on clear, concise communication with my clients, focusing on online improvements tied to business objectives, and quickly and adeptly understanding the whole of where you are, and where you want to get.

A practitioner well versed in design and technology considerations, I am grounded in practicalities, while still innovating and identifying step changes that are years ahead of mass adoption.

Finally, I implore you to contact me only if you are ready to consider real change, and if you share my desire to make a difference in the world with what you offer. If that is the case, please, drop me a line.

  • Strategic Consulting
  • User Research
  • Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Inspirational Seminars
  • User Experience Reviews

Alex has two Masters degrees in Computer Systems Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction, and 15 years' experience as a pure User Experience (UX) Consultant.

He has conducted thousands of UX tests and reviews, and provided strategic consulting, for clients from Prime Ministers’ Offices to multinationals.

Alex lives in BC, Canada.

"In my book Alex is a highly rated and very personable UX expert that I would be more than happy to have on my team on any relevant project."

- Alun David, Independent Project and Programme Manager

"Alex is wise, down to earth, creative, practical, personable, and great fun to work with on web projects. He tends to have his eye on both the bigger picture and the finer detail of a project, which results in thorough insight, understanding, and great work outcomes."

- Frances Campbell, Senior Information Architect

"Alex has that rare—and much sought after—combination of having strong technical skills and knowledge (he really does know his stuff when it comes to web usability) while being an excellent communicator."

- Maria Archer Taylor, Online Team Manager